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By: Sekou Kenneh
September 30, 2009
As we continue to observe the way our website is being managed by some of the members of the so-called FELMAUSA'S web management team, I think the phrase"LEVEL PLAYING FIELD" is lost. The recent article dated: September 20/2009("MMA PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL BLASTS DELIQUENT STATES", by Nvasikie Konneh) was a clear indication that the FELMAUSA'S website is managed with partiality by some members of the team. Read detail
Guinean Military Junta; a Time Bomb for West Africa
By: Musa Sekou Fofana from Atlanta,GA.
September 29, 2009
Reports emanating from the Guinean capital Conakry; is very disturbing. According to BBC 58 persons were killed by the Military in clashes between the Army and opposition protesters. Among them the renowned Guinean Economist and the legendary former Prime Minister Sidiya Toure; who is reported to have sustained a head injury. Other Opposition leaders are also in custody. Scores of innocent Civilians were injured and heavily armed military personnel’s are patrolling the quiet streets of Conakry
At Least 58 Killed in Guinea Opposition Protest
Courtesy: VOA
September 29, 2009
Witnesses and medical officials say at least 58 people have been killed in Guinea in clashes between security forces and opposition activists who defied a government ban on protests.
The clashes took place Monday in the capital, Conakry.

Witnesses say Guinea's security forces opened fire on demonstrators who had gathered in a large stadium to protest against the possible presidential candidacy of Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, the country's military leader. Read detail
Gambian leader calls on UN to help save Africa from developed world
Courtesy: Gambia News
September 28, 2009
The President of the Gambia on Thursday called on the United Nations to step in and save Africa from the exploitation and discrimination it has suffered at the hands of the developed world, or the continent will take its own action.
“The UN must come to the rescue of Africa otherwise we Africans stand ready to liberate ourselves from this eternal bondage at any cost,” said President Yahya Jammeh at the second day of the 64th annual United Nations General Assembly debate.
“We the Africans have been suffering for too long at the hands of the Westerners and we will put an end to this,” Mr. Jammeh told the Assembly, which has gathered at UN headquarters in New York for its high-level debate. Read detail
By: Musa Sekou Fofana
September 26, 2009
FELMAUSA has been a hope and a shining star in the Liberian Mandingo Community. This Federation has created the maximum awareness and the highest level of Volunteerism in the Liberian Mandingo Society. We have seen a great deal of unity and enthusiasm from all of us.

The desire for a stronger and a viable community (within which the interest of the community surpass that of any other) has become the motivational tool for the growth of FELMAUSA. The first two years of FELMAUSA was as smooth as anyone could imagine and expect. A collective atmosphere; wherein everyone in the FELMAUSA circle felt compelled to do something to take the Federation to a higher level. Read detail
By:VOM staff writer
September 26, 2009
It is often said that honor belong to those that deserve it. We the staffs at VOM want to take this time to acknowledge the hard-work, successes, wisdom and sacrifices made by honorable Musa Abrahim Kamara led administration.

When Mr. Kamara, took over the top seat in MMA the community was in disarray and he pledged to the community members that he will unite the people without taking side with any body within MMA. Read detail
Fear after Jammeh's death threat
Courtesy: BBC
September 25, 2009
An online petition has been launched in protest at the Gambian president's threat to kill human rights workers.
President Yahya Jammeh told state TV earlier this week he would kill anybody who wanted to "destabilise" The Gambia.
"If you are affiliated with any human rights group, be rest assure that your security is not guaranteed... we are ready to kill saboteurs," he said. Read detail
Taylor Denies Meeting With Rebel Leader on Eve of Sierra Leone War
Courtesy: VOA
September 24, 200
Former Liberian President Charles Taylor denies testimony by a prosecution witness that he met with rebel-leader Foday Sankoh on the eve of the Revolutionary United Front's invasion of Sierra Leone.

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor has testified at his war crimes trial that he did not meet with a rebel leader on the eve of the invasion of Sierra Leone.
The 61-year-old is facing 11 counts of war crimes allegedly committed during the civil war in Sierra Leone. His defense case, conducted by the Special Court for Sierra Leone in The Hague, is now in its ninth week. Read detail
Pregnancy in Sierra Leone - a 'Ticket to Death'
September 23, 2009
Maternal deaths in Sierra Leone are a human-rights emergency, says a new report from Amnesty International, which cites that one in eight women risks dying during pregnancy in the West African country. World leaders are preparing to meet Wednesday to discuss increased funding for health care in the developing world.
Speaking with VOA by phone from Sierra Leone, Amnesty International Secretary General Irene Khan says pregnancy and childbirth are a ticket to death for many women in the country. Read detail
Gambia president threatens death to troublemakers
Courtesy: Gambian News
September 22, 2009
BANJUL — Gambian President Yahya Jammeh on Monday warned that anyone who sought to "destabilise" the tiny west African nation would be killed.

"If you want to destabilise this country and bring trouble and suffering to my people, I will make sure that you are dead," Jammeh told state television.
He added that cooperating with human rights groups was no guarantee of protection.

"Those who want to collaborate and listen to those so-called human rights campaigners and think that they will be defended by them are fooling themselves," said the president, who has held power in Gambia for 15 years. Read detail
Compaore Urges Ivorians to Move Toward Presidential Poll
Courtesy: VOA
September 21, 2009
Burkina Faso President Blaise Compaoré visited Ivory Coast this week. Mr. Compaoré is leading regional efforts to organize the country's much-delayed presidential elections.

During his four-day visit, Burkinabe President Blaise Compaoré has urged Ivorians to continue moving towards the presidential poll, now slated for November 29. The vote, which has been postponed several times since 2005, is an attempt to find a lasting political solution to nearly a decade of internal conflict in the once stable West African nation. Read detail
Eid traditions across the globe
Courtesy: Daily Times
September 20, 2009

For Muslims all over the Globe, Eid Ul Fitr, or Meethi Eid as it is known in Pakistan, is one of the favourite celebrations of the Muslim calendar. Eid, is a Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Eid is an Arabic word meaning “festivity”, while Fitr means “charity” and so the holiday symbolises the breaking of the fasting period. It is celebrated starting on the first day of the Islamic month of Shawwal. Read detail
Ivory Coast Election Could Be Delayed Again
Coutersy: VOA
September 19, 2009
Ivory Coast has missed the deadline for publishing provisional voter lists for the country's long-delayed presidential elections, now scheduled for November.
Ivory Coast's election commission confirmed that it has missed the September 15 deadline for publishing voter lists, a setback that could postpone presidential polls already delayed many times since 2005.The vote, now slated for November 29, is an attempt to find a lasting political solution to nearly a decade of internal conflict in the once stable West African nation that is the world's top cocoa producer. Read detail
Guinea's Junta Leaders React to Pressure Not to Stand in Next Year's Elections
Courtesy: VOA
September 18, 2009
The U.S.-based international foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has called on Guinea's military leader Captain Moussa Camara to organize free and fair elections.

IFES Regional Director for Africa Almami Cyllah said in a statement last week that this would signal a positive beginning for Guinea to embark on the road to democracy. Over the weekend reports quoted junta leaders as rejecting a U.S. Embassy call for the military junta to stay out of next year's presidential elections. Read detail
Senegal's youths dream of Europe
Courtesy BBC
September, 17, 2009
Senegal was once the starting point for thousands of Africans trying to reach a better life, but has the economic downturn led to a reduction in the numbers seeking a new start? Will Ross reports from the West African state.

I could not have ignored Mustapha if I had tried. The young fisherman was wearing a fluorescent yellow football shirt, Barcelona's away strip to be precise, which must have been designed for games played in thick fog.Chatting beside his elaborately painted wooden fishing boat in the sun soaked Senegalese fishing village of Yoff, it was clear that Mustapha wanted a lot more than a Spanish football top - he wanted a life in Spain. Read detail
Ivorians Unhappy Over Missed Voter Registration Publication Deadline
September 16, 2009
Cote d'Ivoire's citizens are expressing disappointment the electoral commission will fail to meet Tuesday deadline of publishing The voter register is expected to be used for the vote scheduled for November 29.
Concerned Ivorians say the electoral body's failure to meet the publishing deadline could increase tensions ahead of the general elections.But the government reassured
people saying the presidential election will go on as planned despite the missed deadline. Read detail
Liberia Converting Old Rubber Trees to Electricity
Courtesy: VOA
September 14, 2009
Work begins this month on a new, environmentally-friendly power plant in Liberia that will use old rubber trees to generate electricity. It is part of a plan to make Liberia the world's first sustainable biomass-driven economy.
Natural rubber has anchored the Liberian economy for more than 75 years. The huge Firestone plantation east of the capital, Monrovia, remains the world's largest single natural rubber operation and was one of the first businesses to reopen after Liberia's long civil war. Read detail
By: Mohamed Enzah Dorley
September 13, 2009

'Russia's Obama' defies racists
Courtesy: BBC
September 12, 2009
Some might call him brave, others naive, or even reckless, but the one thing Joachim Crima is not is ordinary. He is black, and he is Russian.
And now this watermelon seller, and former student from Guinea Bissau, is attempting to become the first black man ever to be elected to public office in Russia.
Mr Crima has become an overnight media sensation here. On the day I visited him in his home town Srednyaya Akhtuba in southern Russia, two other TV crews were with him. The next day two more were due in town. Read detail
FELMAUSA to Particpate in the Process of Selecting a Single Candidate
By: Nvasekie N. Konneh
September 11, 2009
The president of the National Mandingo Caucus of Liberia, Musa Bility, has officially invited FELMAUSA to participate in the process of uniting behind a single candidate in the forthcoming se nate by-election scheduled for October 2009. In a letter dated September 9, 2009 which was addressed to the president and the board chairman of FELMAUSA, the president of the National Mandingo Caucus of Liberia, Musa Bilty said, “As we near the up-coming Senatorial by-election, The National Mandingo Caucus has embarked upon a drive to unite our People behind a single candidate come November 4, 2009. Read detail
Sanniquellie Mosque Project Pictorial Progress Report:
September 10, 2009

The Mosque Before: The Mosque Now:

A Second Thought on Felmausa: Power struggle within the Federation of Liberian Mandingo in the U.S.A (FELMAUSA)
By: Sekou Kenneh-Opinion Leader MN
September 09,2009
This issue has been talked about by many in so many ways in our community.
So I deem it necessary to take a second look at the mother Organization, (FELMAUSA).
As curious as I was to get to the button of the "so-called power struggle,"
I was astonished to learn that there are some elements in the Organization (FELMAUSA) with a hidden agenda, and they are masquerading to be die-hard Felmausaians or community activists. Read detail
VOM Editorial: Yes! I agreed that Liberia is a country of law not of man, let Mary Broh and others face justice.
By: VOM Staff Writer, Alh Donzo
September 08, 2009
Over the weekend, acting Monrovia City Mayor, Mary Broh, and her guards, stormed the Benson Street Central Mosque in Monrovia where peaceful, loving Muslims had gathered to end their long day fast. Ms. Broh allegedly ordered her guards to step on the food that was being distributed just as the first person’s food was placed in his palm. Read detail
Former Ivory Coast Leader Bédié to Run for President
Courtesy: VOA
September 7, 2009
Former Ivorian leader Henri Konan Bédié says he will run in the country's presidential elections scheduled for November.
Former Ivorian President Henri Konan Bédié is one of two candidates now officially registered for the country's long-delayed presidential elections, though others have expressed their intention to run.

The vote, now slated for November 29, is an attempt to find a lasting political solution to nearly a decade of internal conflict in the once stable West African nation. Read detail
West Africa Hit by Devastating Floods
Courtesy: VOA
September 06, 2009
West Africa is experiencing particularly severe flooding this year, with some 350,000 people affected in six countries. The United Nations reports Burkina Faso is the worst affected. The floods also have spread to Ghana, Niger, Guinea, Senegal and Benin.

UN aid agencies say this year's flooding across West Africa may match the severity of the floods that occurred in 2007. Those killed some 300 people and displaced 800,000. Read detail
Pres. Sirleaf’s Apology to the Muslim Community is only the beginning and not the end
By: Ishmael Komara
September 04,2009
Few days ago, we were awakened by the news that Muslims brothers in Monrovia, Liberia had been attacked by the ruthless city Mayor of Monrovia Mary Broh and her gangster supporters. Twenty four hours later, we received report that the president has dissolved the so-called task force headed by Ms. Broh in an attempt to cover her outrageous behavior.   After increased pressure from the Muslim community, the President along with Ms. Broh made an appearance to the community mosque to extend an apology. While this is the right step, we believe this is the beginning and not the end.
To love, honour and obey in Mali
Courtesy: BBC
September 4, 2009
A new family law in Mali is causing a furore, partly because it no longer stipulates that wives have to obey their husbands.

Such has been the anger in the majority Muslim country that President Amadou Toumani Toure has sent the law back to parliament for MPs to re-consider. Read detail
Guinea Authorities Ban Political Discourse on Radio Broadcasts
Courtesy: VOA
September 03, 2009
After temporarily suspending SMS text messaging in order to curb political rallies in the capital Conakry, Guinea's military authorities have now banned political discussions from radio broadcasts.
In the wake of increasing criticism, authorities in Guinea's ruling military junta have banned political discourse from all radio call-in programs. Some people have recently used these radio call-in shows to criticize the expected presidential candidacy of ruling military junta leader, Moussa Dadis Camara. Read detail
Senegalese Court to Try Teenagers for Homosexuality
Courtesy: VOA
September 02, 2009

Two Senegalese teenagers will stand trial this coming week for allegedly committing homosexual acts. It is the latest in a string of cases targeting gay men and now young boys in Senegal.
Newspapers here in Dakar are preoccupied with the onset of the Muslim holiday Ramadan and the final matches of the season for Senegal's most popular sport, traditional wrestling. They have yet to comment on the story of two young men from the religious town of Darou Mousty in northern Senegal. The two seventeen-year-old boys will stand trial this week for "homosexual acts" in a juvenile court in the region's capital, Louga. Read detail
Forum for the Advancement of Liberian Mandingoes & their Descendants(FALMD)Press Release:
September 01, 2009

Monrovia, August 30, 2009……..The Forum for the Advancement of Liberian Mandingoes and their descendants (FALMD) attention has been drawn to the recent attack and act of vandalism carried out on peaceful Muslims at the Benson Street mosque who were assembled there for some meals after observance of their daily fast by the Acting City Mayor of Monrovia in person of Madam Mary Broh. It can be recalled that on Saturday, August 29, 2009 at the precise hour of 7:00 PM, Madam Broh led a group of intolerant and disgruntled individuals who wasted the Holy Month of Ramadan breakfast food, inflicted bodily injuries on peaceful Muslims and rained condescending insults on the Chief Imam of the Benson Street Mosque. Read detail
Who are you and who am I?- Mandingoes in Liberia:
By: Ishmael Komara
August 31,2009
Brother Seama and others
Over the past few weeks, I have read different opposing emails and articles about the issues of “Quardu Gboni Mandingo Association”. Having read the last email written by brother Seama, I felt obliged to join in the discussion that I now feel is necessary to highlight some of the outrageous points he and others have outlined. In an email written by brother Seama dated August 28, 2008, he wrote:
it is one thing for our members to suggest a changed in our association' s name and quite another for a non member set up as an opinion leader advocating for whoever tries to suggest our name to be change because FELMUSA has Mandingo in its name if FELMUSA want to talk to us let them bring it on. Read detail







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