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Islam perspective about Death
By: Sheikh Mohammed Kanneh
02 March, 2012

No other subject has caused so much turmoil throughout history than that of life and death. Philosophers and scientists approached life and death with so many concepts and assumptions. Read detail

What’s next for the Mandingo Community of Minnesota
By:Molley Gbechi Kamara
29 February, 2012
I must begin by congratulating Mr. Dorley and his team for winning the just ended election. But most significantly I want to thank the community for the mass turnout and also Mr. Kromah for being a great activist and leader that I have respected in the past but never had the opportunity to work closely with him until very recently. As many stakeholders in our community and beyond were worried that the result of our election may lead to split in our community and since I had indorsed Mr. Kromah I felt obligated to call him when the results were announced. Read detail
United Nations

By: Abu Kamara
29 February, 2012

New York 28 February 2012, Liberia’s Minister for Gender and Development, Julia Duncan Cassel has said that the improvement of the living conditions of rural women remains one of the highest priorities on the Liberian Government development agenda. Read detail

Mandingo Nations Congratulates Mr. Mohamed Dorley on his re-elections as MMA’s President
28 February, 2012

Votes Count: 154 to 138

Finance Minister Konneh Anticipates Continued Collaboration With Business Community
Courtesy: Public Agenda
28 February, 2012

Liberia’s Minister of Finance Amara Konneh says he anticipates a continued collaboration with the business community with the aim of revitalizing and expanding the Liberian economy. Read detail
Let Peace and Unity Prevail in Minnesota
By: Nvasekie Konneh
24 February, 2012
As the members of MMA (Minnesota Mandingo Association) go to the pool on Sunday, February 26, 2012 to elect new corp if officers to manage the affairs of their community, we write to admonish them to see this democratic exercise as an opportunity to come together and work together for preservation of peace and unity in the community. In this election, the two candidates, Mohammed Dorley and Kafumba Kromah, are dedicated. Read detail
President Lamine Kromah Breaks Silence on LIMAP’s State of Affair
By: Lamine Kromah
24 February, 2012
The Liberian Mandingo Association of Pennsylvania (LIMAP) was established to encourage peace and unity in our community. TO facilitate such enviable endeavor, the board of directors was created to enhance and uphold those beliefs and to create activities that the community can benefit from. Contrary to ensuring a proper adherence to the BY-LAWS of Limap, The Abu Sillah led Board has deviated from its constitutional responsibilities and has injected hatred. Read detail
Drugs, Organized Crime threat to peace in West Africa, says UNODC BOSS
By: Abu Kamara
23rd February, 2012
New York, 22 February 2012 the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs Crime (UNODC) Mr. Yury Fedotov has expressed serious concern over the use of African countries as conduits for drug trafficking and other dangerous substances by the South American drug cartels. Mr.Fedot’s remarks was contained in a paper delivered at the United Nations Security Council briefing on the “Impact of Transnational Organized Crime on Peace, Security and Stability in West Africa and the Sahel Region” He said that South American drug cartels are exploiting regional vulnerabilities in West Africa: Read detail
An Open Letter to MMA De facto President,
Mohamed Dorley

22 February, 2012
This letter is to register the concern of our campaign over a possible violation by you of MMA constitution. Two years ago, February 20, 2010 to be precise, you took an oath before the Minnesota Mandingo Community in which you swore to faithfully execute the Office of President and to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of MMA. You are required to faithfully execute the provisions of the constitution. This execution must not only apply to the twenty dollars membership fee, but also to Article V section IV Term of Office: Read detail
Grand Konia Radio Invites MMA Candidates
By: Musa Konneh
22 February, 2012

Grand Konia, a West African Mandingo Organization based in the UAS is pleased to invite all Mandingo speaking person(s) living the United States and beyond to tune in to our radio program on Thursday, February 23rd, to listen to two great Minnesota Mandingo Association presidential candidates. Read detail
The Quest For Development: Liberia,
Our way out

By: Musa V. Sheriff
22 February, 2012

Many decades ago, economists, politicians, and development practitioners began the search to discover the means by which Africa could become rich.With a little success, the quest remains one of the challenges facing our continent. Read detail
The campaign to declare Liberia a Christian state is not a right but an attempt to fuel sectarian violence.
By: Manyou MAS Bility
21 February
On Thursday, February 16, 2011, while on my normal routine visiting Liberian news outlets online to acquaint myself with issues happening back home, I came across a story in the New Dawn Newspaper captioned: “Christians Gather 1 Million Signatures to Declare Liberia a Christian state.” According to the paper, the Christian state campaigners want to repeal article 14 of the 1986 Liberian Constitution which declared Liberia as a secular state.  Read detail
Consortium of Liberian Muslim Youth Organizations Monrovia, Liberia
By: Musa Willie
21 February, 2012

Press Release: (MONROVIA, February 20, 2012) At the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, stunned our African leaders when he declared they had to respect and protect the rights of minority groups, especially homosexuals, within the confines of their territories. Read detail
What’s an understatement! Who’s
Hon. Moussa M. Cisse?

By: Mohamed A. KAMARA
21 February, 2012
“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates (470-399 BCE).“Socrates felt so passionately about the value of self-examination that he closely examined not only his own beliefs and values but those of others as well. More precisely, through his relentless questioning, he forced people to examine their own beliefs.”
By virtue of the fact that we live in a world of dynamism where people’s worth are sometimes priceless depending on their connections in society. Read detail
The Kafumba Kromah Campaign Launching in Pictorial
20 February, 2012

Click on image above to see more pictures
Ivorian president chosen as next
head of ECOWAS

Courtesy: France 24
18 February, 2012

Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara was chosen to serve as the next head of the 15-nation Economic Community of West African States, or ECOWAS, at a summit on Friday in the Nigerian capital of Abuja. Read detail
Presidential aspirant, Kafumba Kromah VP choice wins swing voters over
By: Campaign Staff
15 February, 2012

With barely one week to the Minnesota Mandingo Association’s most contested election, the presumptive winner of the forthcoming elections, Hon. Kafumba Kromah finally picked a prominent community member, Hon. Korme Fofana of Brooklyn Park as his running mate. Read detail
Rebuttal to LIMAP Board's impeachment claim
By: Farok A.Konneh
15 February, 2012
Wow! What a laughable Resolution. Abu Sillah is completely unfamiliar with type of board Limap has. Is he thinking that this is a board that chooses its CEO or the president? He is dead wrong and out of touch with the reality in the state of Pennsylvania. The president of Limap is not chosen by the board of directors, but elected by the people of Pennsylvania. Your unconstitutional resolutions or self-entertained resolution is nothing but charade and is not welcome by the people of Pennsylvania who massively voted Mr. Lamine Kromah into Office. Read detail
LIMAP Board Kicks Out President
Lamine Kromah

By: Abu Sillah
14 February, 2012

The Board of Directors of LIMAP convened a general meeting today February 12, 2012 in the state of Pennsylvania to inform the community about the resolution presented to the board from the findings of the investigation committee. Read detail
Aspirant, Kafumba Kromah Welcomes the Official Opening of Campaign with his Vision/Platform for the Community
By: Campaign Staff
13 February, 2012
With elections fast approaching, MMA presidential candidate, Hon. Kafumba Kromah has made a partial release of his long awaited platform to mark the official beginning of campaign season.
1) Meeting Attendance:
Setting up a committee- responsible for conducting home visits to community members who have missed three or more meetings, in order to ascertain the reason(s) for their absences, and offer to help with any concerns or issues. Read detail
Liberia Opens Center For Albinos
Courtesy: VOA
11 February, 2012

Albinos in Liberia say a new dedicated center could signal the beginning of a brighter future for them in their effort to fight discrimination. Read detail
Guinea stadium massacre: Col Tiegboro Camara charged
Courtesy: BBC
11 February, 2012
A minister in Guinea has been charged for his role in the killing of scores of people during a protest in 2009 in the capital against military rule. Col Moussa Tiegboro Camara is the most senior official to be charged over the massacre, one of the bloodiest events in the West African country's history. At least 157 people died when the troops opened fire in a Conakry stadium and 100 women were raped. Read detail
DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT: The late Alhaji Yahya Kromah of Sanniquellie, Liberia
By: The Kromah & Dorley families
08 February, 2012

The Minnesota Mandingo Association regrets to announce the passing of Alhaji Yahya Kromah of Sanniquellie, Nimba County, Libera. This sad even occured yesterday in Maussadou, Guinea. The deceased was the father of Mayama & Sister Mouyan Kromah respectively. He was also the father-In-Law of Ansu Dorley of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota.
To sympathize with the bereaved family, Please call : (612) 232- 2550 (763) 300-6483 (763) 923-1464
(610) 457-2467 (612) 205-5192

Source: Mohamed Dorley,
President MMA
Leader of Liberian war faction ordered
out of US

Courtesy: The Liberian Times
07 February, 2012
BUFFALO, N.Y. – A Liberian man who helped lead a faction accused of torture killings and recruiting child soldiers during the West African country’s civil war has been ordered removed from the United States, where he raised a family and worked as a public school administrator in upstate New York. The immigration judge’s ruling Monday followed a 2010-2011 trial at which U.S. Immigration and Customs authorities said George Boley Sr., 62, committed atrocities in Liberia in the 1990s and was in the U.S. without valid documents. Read detail
04 February, 2012
Revolution of any kind does not occur in a vacuum. There has to be a cause or multiple causes to start one. And once it begun, it becomes difficult to contain it without a robust and/or adequate redress. French and the Russians revolutions and most recently the so called “Arab Spring” are all categorized as instruments for change. When brutality and vandalism became the order of the day, it took certain brave men and women to defend the cause of freedom thereby emancipating themselves from the bondage of brutal rule and deprivation to that of self esteem. Read detail
Ambassador Kamara consults the NGO community
By: Abu Kamara
04 February, 2012
Ambassador Kamara who was elected last year as the chair of the Bureau to steer the affairs of the Commission on the Status of Women said she was pleased to have been given the opportunity to serve on such an important Bureau of the world body which goals and objectives are to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women throughout the world.She told the representatives of the NGO community that the Bureau under her leadership will work hard to up hold the tradition of encouraging their participation and to have a constructive and close relationship. Read detail
Rep. Kanneh Detests Gay Rights Advocacy
Courtesy: Public Agenda
02 February, 2012

Montserrado County District #2 Representatives, Hon. Sekou Kanneh has expressed indignation over gay rights advocacy which has drawn widespread public debates in Monrovia and across the country in the last few weeks. Read detail
A Filmmaker in the Shadow of Success
Courtesy: Uptown Reviews
02 February, 2012

He walks in and out of the theater for the hundredth time. He eases his way to the side of the screen and picks at the screen for seconds and then watches the audience’s reaction. And then back again. Read detail









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