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Southeastern Liberia Rejoices as Tubman University Graduates 80, Ellen Terms Institution “a Regional Magnet”
Courtesy: Daily Observer
21 June, 2014

The Southeastern city of Harper in Maryland County was a scene of wild jubilation and celebration as the William V.S. Tubman University, known simply as TU, held its first commencement convocation with 80 students walking out of its walls with degrees in various disciplines. The commencement convocation of Tubman University yesterday is the first of that university since its accreditation. Read detail
Servant-ship over leadership for Mandingo Unity and Transformation.
Written by Bangalee Trawally, President of FELMAUSA
19 June, 2014
A speech delivered in Arizona on 6/14/2014 when I served as the Guest speaker.

When I address other communities, my approach is somewhat different because I speak freely as though all is well. Unlike in my Mandingo community, I grieve knowing that all is not healthy in my community both internally and externally. I grieve because of the prolonged and inconsequential power struggles that tend to tear down this struggling community of our, all because we have refused to look at the big picture, the Mandingo marginalization. This is why I have carefully chosen a topic: Servant-ship over leadership for Mandingo Unity and Transformation.
FELMAUSA Board Members and chapter leaders here present, Our father Hon. Mustapha Sesay and other elders here present, distinguish platform gusts, fellow kinsmen and compatriots. Read detail
Wrongful Dismissal? Finance Minister Appears in Court
Courtesy: FPA
13 June, 2014
Monrovia - The Minister of Finance Amara Konneh and his deputies, Assistant Ministers and comptroller have been summoned to appear before the sixth Judicial Circuit Court at the Temple of Justice.
His honor Yussif D. Kaba ordered that the Finance Minister and his team appear on June 16, 2014 to answer to the complaint filed by eight former employees of the Ministry, namely Henry Sele, Elder Jallah, Byron Trokon Geply, Duyan Pewee, Siafa Kemokai, and Benedict Browne.
The writ of summons states that failure on the part of the Finance Minister and his team to appear before the court will automatically lead toa judgment by default against them. The dismissed employees in their complaint to the court are claiming US$ 175,520.00 and $L 1, 923,039.00 as damages for the press conference held by the Ministry announcing their dismissal without the due process of law. Read detail
Bribery War: Massaquoi Vows to Fight Graft in Police Force
Courtesy: FPA

Monrovia - Weeks after he sanctioned the dismissal of three Police officers allegedly caught in the act of bribery, Police chief Chris Massaquoi has vowed to dismiss any Police officer involved in bribery regardless of status.
 Read detail
‘Widows’ Stage Naked Protest At Capitol
Courtesy: Daily Observer
29 May, 2014

Scores of Liberian women went ‘naked’ Tuesday, May 27, on the grounds of the Capitol Building in protest of their late husbands’ “benefits”. The widows are demanding benefits they claim are owed them by government since their ex-husbands died in active service while serving in the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). Read detail
Courtesy: FPA
24 May, 2014

Monrovia – Morris Dukuly Liberia’s Minister of Internal Affairs, return to the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf led government as a senior Minister after seven years out is under threat with barrage of calls for his resignation following a comment at a peace initiative in which he is perceived to have referred to the people of Grand Gedeh County as “Chicken Rogues”. Read detail
Courtesy: FPA
20 May, 2014

Monrovia - Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennoh of Grand Gedeh County Monday took exception to comments made by Internal Affairs Minister Morris Dukuly whom he felt referred to Grand Gedeans as Chicken rogues during his explanation of a scenario. Read detail
Taxation and Development - Public Awareness
16 May, 2014

In Liberia there is little information or debate on the importance of tax. Tax is barely debated in political elections. Often, political bureaucrats and wealthy people evade tax, and public attitudes to taxation are overwhelmingly negative. A body of research shows that taxation is essential for sustainable developments. Read detail
By: the Kanneh family
15 May, 2014

family regret to announce the sudden death of Vakutubu KANNEH of Atlanta, GA this sad event occurred today Thursday May 15, 2014. This Announcement was brought by James KANNEH and approved by Mohammed Kanneh of Lansdowne, PA
Sirleaf’s Office Breaks Silence Over Liberia
‘Muslim State’ Talk

Courtesy: Public Agenda
07 May, 2014

The Government of Liberia has seen and analyzed the article entitled, “The Syrian War, Saudi Arabia’s Struggle for Global Influence, and Control of Africa,” written by one Anahita Ghorbani and published on the online website. Read detail

Nimba Youth Block ArcelorMittal’s Railroad-Demand MDA be Re-negotiated
Courtesy: Daily Observer
01 May, 2014

A group of Nimba youth known as the “Concerned Nimbaians Calling for Re-signing and Renegotiation of the Arcelor Mittal Mineral Development Agreement (MDA)” with the Government of Liberia on Tuesday, April 29, blocked ArcelorMittal’s railroad in demand of changes to the MDA. Read detail

Min. Konneh’s Trouble Begins, But LIRECO Provides Defense For Him
Courtesy: Public Agenda
25 April, 2014
It appears Liberia’s fiscal policy under the regime of Economic Planning and Finance Minister, Amara Konneh, has not received favorable approbation amongst many Liberians, including employees of government ministries and agencies in the last few years. Prior to the appointment of Min. Konneh following the 2011 presidential and legislative elections, the Ministry of Finance under his predecessor, current Foreign Minister, Augustine K. Ngafuah, reported surpluses from revenue collection, boosting the fiscal policy of the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime then. But as the Public Agenda Reports, that history has miserably changed, making the country to experience an unprecedented worst economic crisis, underpinned by incessant budget shortfall in recent years. Read detail

Netherland Based Liberian Writer Vamba Sherif to Write About the Ancient Manuscript in Timbuktu, Mali
By: Nvasekie N. Konneh
21 April, 2014
Vamba Sherif, a Liberian writer based in The Netherlands, will be traveling to Mali to talk to the custodians of the manuscripts of Timbuktu. The manuscripts are a world heritage. Mali, founded by one of the greatest emperors of Africa, Sundiata Keita, prided itself on being the first West African country with a university. The university was in Timbuktu. At its height the university boasted twenty-five thousand students. The manuscripts have been preserved by various families in Timbuktu for hundreds of years. A few years ago, some Islamic fanatics converged on Timbuktu and began to destroy and burn the manuscripts. The families, with the help of the international community, escaped with the manuscripts to Bamako, the capital of Mali, where they are now kept in safety. Vamba will be talking to the families about the importance of the manuscripts as a source of African history, philosophy, law, medicine and civilization.

Vamba Sherif is a novelist, journalist and film critic whose works have been widely published and his novels, primarily written in Dutch but have been translated in many languages such as French. Among his works are The Land of the Fathers, The Witness, Bound to Secrecy (translated from Dutch to English) and The Kingdom of Sebah. His first book, The Land of the Father, though written in Dutch, is about the founding of Liberia by the free blacks from the US. He speaks and writes in Dutch, English and Arabic.

Life Hard for Teachers: Salary Wahala at Education Ministry
Courtesy: FPA
20 April, 2014
Monrovia - The Ministry of Education which has over the years seen protest from teachers and other education workers over unpaid salaries and other incentives is once again in the spotlight over salary arrears to some education workers. Several Monitoring and Evaluation and County Planning Officers and other workers in the education sector of the various counties have expressed that the Ministry owes them over seven months in salary arrears. In interviews with FrontPageAfrica, Isaac N. Boyah, Planning Officer, Sinoe County; Koiyan C. Kollie, Planning Officer, Lofa County, Stephen J. Toomay, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, Grand Bassa County all expressed that due to the failure of the Ministry to pay their salaries for about eight months, they are finding life very difficult. Read detail
MMA Inaugural Guest Speaker, Cllr. Mameita Jabateh Sirleaf Takes on Female Education: Reneging Support for Girls Education: An African Phenomenon
Courtesy: Bamba1 News
15 April, 2014
In most African countries, gathering support for female education is not as easy as seen on the surface.
Such support mostly collides with traditional beliefs that seem to intertwine with the desire for female education. Reneging support for educating girls is largely blamed on the lack of support from men who are considered heads of household. Most heads of household in Africa are deeply rooted in cultural beliefs that influence them to keep their girls children home and the mothers who serve as housewives, are depended upon as mentors. Read detail
Blind Liberian Mandingo refugee hit by car is in critical condition
Courtesy: Wood TV8
08 April, 2014



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  For Immediate Response against the Ebola Virus
Courtesy: Daily Observer
03 April, 2014

The Liberia National Red Cross Society, (LNRCS) has made an initial donation of 50 boxes of personal protective equipment and two plastic buckets to the Liberian Government to strengthen response to suspected cases of Ebola virus in the country. Read detail
  Legal exposition of the Liberian Constitutional Review
A Comparative analysis with the United States’ Constitution

By: Mory Duckry A Sumaworo,
25 March, 2014
Introduction: Constitution as an organic law of the state has to be well-designed, structured, and inclusive of the general needs for the public. While framing this sacred document or reviewing it, bias and prejudice need to be far distanced from the process. Accordingly, thanks and appreciations are extended to the Government for the concern about revisiting the nation’s constitution in order to meet the best international standard. However, having a sound, highly democratic, and humanistic constitution definitely yields for the nation everlasting peace and continuous prosperity in all aspects of life; social, economic, political, religious and cultural. That is to say, constitution is the seed of any other laws, regulations and executive orders that can be enforced within the country. Read detail


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